Rothamster International Fellowship Scheme Applications

Rothamsted International is a non-profit-making charity working towards sustainable agriculture in Official Development Assistance (ODA) territories with the main activity being the Rothamsted International fellowship scheme. The aim of the scheme is to promote the exchange of scientific research skills between Rothamsted Research (RRes) and the ODA country, assist in individual capacity building and development, and foster long term partnerships.  Visiting fellows will work on a collaborative research project that they have developed with a RRes Partner, that has clear scientific objective of potential application and benefit in the home country. The project will be  based at Rothamsted for 6-12 months and the scheme will provide travel, subsistence and some laboratory costs for  the visiting Fellow. On return to their home country/institute the fellow will disseminate the skills that they  have developed continuing to promote and utilise the successful partnership that has been established.

The deadline for application: 7 November 2016

For more information on application and search for compatible partners, email nicola.yates (at) or visit the Rothamsted website:


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